A New Agreement for
a New Earth

& a New You in 2017


Soul Questions Answered by 
Ilchi Lee and
don Miguel Ruiz

Start 2017 with intention, wisdom and power!

In this special 4-part video course, Ilchi Lee and don Miguel Ruiz sit down to talk about the state of consciousness in the world and answer questions that resonate with the soul and light a fire within to collectively make A New Agreement for a New Earth in 2017.

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“If we love ourselves without conditions,
and accept ourselves the way we are,
then problems like depression and addiction go away.”

don Miguel Ruiz
don Miguel Ruiz
Most known for his international bestselling book, The Four Agreements, Ruiz has made it his life’s mission to share the ancient wisdom of Toltec spirituality with the world. After a near death experience, Ruiz went on to study with a shaman and draw wisdom from his own mother. He’s compiled his learnings and personal experience into many books, one of which he co-authored with his son.
Ilchi Lee
A visionary, educator, best selling author, and founder of ChangeYourEnergy.com, Ilchi Lee has spent nearly three decades helping people realize their potential to design their lives and heal their bodies. His teachings are based on ancient Eastern Energy Principles which he adapts for the modern world.

The Topics


• Living a life of true love, health, and happiness, free of depression


• Creating a more mindful and sustainable life on earth in harmony with nature and each other


• Effecting change on a global scale


• Having and nurturing good relationships with others

Watch the free course now and transform your perspective!
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“We have the greatest beauty and the greatest value
when we agree and exist for each other,
not seeking to become the center ourselves.”

Ilchi Lee

What to Expect?


With their two very unique perspectives and shared love for humanity and Mother Earth, you will experience the following:


- Shifted perspective towards more personal power and respect for self

- Renewed love for self and acceptance of what is

- Motivation to take control of your life and lead by example for others to do the same

- Desire to take action now and effect global change, starting with the self

- A deep sense of connection to the earth as a whole and all its people


About ChangeYourEnergy

ChangeYourEnergy is an online educational community
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